Tell Me A Story


scary taleA young girl is caught breaking and entering. A brother and sister are abducted and locked in a cage. An evil woman is found abusing her stepdaughter. Nope, it’s not the evening news, it’s story time for our little ones. Have you ever thought about the fairy tales we tell to our children? Witches, violence and death; it’s all there. But, is there anything wrong with that? I still read these stories to my girls (although some, not at bedtime). It might be time that we stop sugar-coating things for our kids.

You know the drill, 20 five year olds competing in a race and we have to give a pretty ribbon to every damn one of them. C’mon, there is only one “winner” and we all know it. We praise our children for every single thing they do in life. We tell them they can do anything they want to do, even be president! What we don’t tell them is the huge pile of crap they will have to wade through to get there. By making everything sunshine and rainbows, we aren’t being realistic. The world is a tough, cruel place at times and what a shock that will be if we continue to shelter our children from every boo hoo moment. Tell your kids they are wonderful, they are! Just don’t ignore life lessons and go ahead and slip in Hansel and Gretel, they will survive.

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