The Dirty Truth


male housekeeper Have you ever asked your husband to help around the house?? What type of results did you get? The “help” that we receive can be somewhat unsettling. If you ask for help with the dishes, you end up with plates and bowls that still have food stuck on them. Ask for assistance with the laundry and you will find a pile of wrinkled clothes left in the dryer. If you ask them to go shopping, they will be gone for an hour, come home with 4 bags and still not have purchased what you need. Don’t even ask them about dusting or cleaning the toilet, they have never heard of those things. And, if you ever want that pile of crumbs cleaned up from under the toaster, do it yourself.

The good news is, your men are not stupid!! They are actually pretty clever. I believe they purposely suck at everything we ask them to do. Then, they know we will never ask them for their help again. We will get so frustrated that we will stop nagging them and just do the work ourselves. Doing a crappy job is their golden ticket!

But now ladies, don’t think we are without fault. Many times, we wouldn’t be satisfied with any job they do because it isn’t the way we would do it! We can’t set them up for failure. If you want some help around the kitchen, sometimes you just have to let the toast crumbs slide.


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