Turkey Time!


turkeytime Way too many people crammed under one roof. The endless interrogations regarding school, work, kids, relationships and so on… Mounds of food and enough alcohol to open up a local bar. Oh, Thanksgiving! You have snuck up on us again!

Why do we force ourselves to spend time with “the family” at Thanksgiving? Is this ever really an enjoyable event? Can’t we be thankful in the comfort of our own home? If the family can’t stand each other the rest of the year, Thanksgiving won’t be any different. Add the stress and tension of the holiday (and an ample amount of booze) and somebody is ending up with a black eye. Yes, we love our families. But, not enough to spend a whole day with them. Let’s love from afar.

If you are one of the few who actually has a family that enjoys one another and the cops don’t need to be called, good for you! For the rest of you, try not to hurt each other today. Bail money is getting too expensive.

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