pokemeWhat is the deal with couples that share a Facebook page?? It’s cute that SuzyandShawn Smith love each other so much, they are one; even in cyber world. Don’t these two posses identities of their own? Are they implying that they work together now as one mind? If not, how are we to know who is speaking to us within each post? For example, if Shawn wrote a comment to me I may find it funny. But, if Suzy posted it, I may find that offensive. And, how can I leave comments for them? Especially if I like Shawn but hate Suzy (and she probably hates me too).

I am calling bullshit on the “eternal bliss” façade. These two share a Facebook page because one of them doesn’t trust the other one, period. One person isn’t allowed to have their own account because they may find their old high school sweetheart and “poke” him or her inappropriately. Give me a break! If your mate wants to cheat on you, they will. They certainly don’t need Facebook to do it. A good marriage needs trust. So, let go, get your own damn Facebook account and allow your partner to do the same. Then, at least I know who I am “poking”.

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