Quality Control


new  I am always a little disgusted when I go to the store to pick up some detergent and the bottle says “New and Improved Formula”. What the hell have I been using up until this point?? I guess consumers are forced to use the “best crap we could come up with” formula until they take all our money, come up with a better product and then charge us even more for it.

Pop bottles that read “Great New Taste”. As opposed to the shitty tasting stuff you usually have to drink? If your soda doesn’t have a great taste to begin with, should you really be in this business? Or, at least don’t put your junk onto the shelves until you actually have this stuff figured out.

Diapers are often labeled “Now Extra Absorbent”. At what point did they think we wouldn’t want an absorbent diaper?? And what about “Extra Strength” Tylenol? Is there a regular strength for those who don’t mind dealing with some pain? For my buck, give me the best of what you’ve got. Great tasting, super absorbent and the maximum strength known to man.


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