Out of Focus


selfie  If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a selfie worth? Every time I go online, I am bombarded with selfies. Couldn’t you find a friend to take the picture? Or better yet, include the friend in the photo so it’s not so damn weird. We love you, ok? But, we don’t need to see your mug every single day. I promise we won’t forget you but how can we miss you if you won’t go away? Occasional self promotion is alright, but sometimes I would rather look at your car, your dog, or even what you’re having for dinner. So, mix it up a bit.

My husband told me about a “selfie kit” he saw for sale at the store. Everything you need to take the best selfies. Does it also include instructions for how to get a life?? Unless you are a hermit in the woods or living on a deserted island (where you wouldn’t have internet anyway!) there is always someone to take a photo for you. Even strangers on the street will help you out, just ask. Please consider the option of photographing other things in the world; a statue, a flower, anything. Please.

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