A Classic Fit


small clothesFat guy in a little coat. Sure, Chris Farley sported this look in Tommy Boy and it was hilarious. In the real world, not so much. Why do people insist on wearing clothes that don’t fit them? Don’t they know they look ridiculous? If you have to lay on the bed to button the jeans or if only one ass cheek can fit in comfortably, they don’t fit! If the coat won’t button or you do manage to get it buttoned and you are busting out of it like the Hulk, it doesn’t fit! A size 16 rear end is still a size 16 even crammed into size 8 pants. I know most of us wish we were skinnier but let’s face it. Food is too good!

I refuse to wear clothes that don’t fit. I do not want to spend all day pulling my underwear out of my butt! I just start throwing clothes away. I used to save them for the day when I “shed a few pounds” but I am not that delusional any more. I know we should all eat healthier and exercise more but let’s get real. With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, we will all be tipping the scales.

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