Bag My Groceries


shopper It’s parking lot is overflowing with redneck drivers who will continually drive in circles to find a spot 3 feet closer to the front door. It’s aisles are filled with hundreds of unhappy shoppers, many of whom are “bringing sexy back” in their best pj’s. It’s Wal-Mart. Watch out, it will suck the life right out of you.

I swear, when you walk through the doors of that place, your mood instantly darkens. It is so frustrating trying to shove past two fully loaded carts with screaming kids just to grab a loaf of bread. Then you have the individuals who seem to be there simply to browse. Like this is their social event of the day or something. What about the people who insist on blocking the entire aisle while they have a deep debate about the best daycare in town? Keep it moving!! I just want to get my crap and get the hell out of here!

After you discover you either couldn’t find most of your items or, they were sold out, you navigate your way to the check-out counter. Great News! 2 checkers for the entire store and one of them seems to be half asleep!

By the time I get the car loaded and am pulling out to leave, I am ready to run everybody down. Why do we keep doing this to ourselves? Because, we can’t afford to shop anywhere else! I can’t wait for the holiday shopping to begin…

2 thoughts on “Bag My Groceries

  1. Kristen Jones

    Lol I feel this way all the time in fact I will share one of my most cherished memories from Walmart. Okay, so my family and I were in the baking section looking for a yummy cake to make when this lady knowing full well what I was doing says excuse me and I being the kind courteous person I am step back a bit so she could get by; does she move past me sleep going about her business, NO!! She steps directly in front of me and starts looking at the cake mix what a great person…I seriously contemplated punching her in the back of the head.

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