Staying Fit


funny exerciseIt never ceases to amaze me that some people choose to run even though nothing is chasing them. It’s not that I’m lazy (ok, yes it is), but this is bad on your knees and your ego. I am convinced there is no way to take part in this exercise and retain any dignity.

I saw this play out a couple of days ago as I watched a young woman run by the house. Dressed in “Yoga” pants that were wedged up her butt, boobs flying from side to side and snot dripping down her face, she slipped on the ice with every other step she took. There has to be a better way. Do people really enjoy this form of torture??

I am sure there are some beautiful people out there that look stunning no matter what they are doing. It is probably just lumps like me that should stay off the track. But, for the sake of our entertainment, I hope the runners stay on the road. As for me, if you EVER see me running, you better join me because something big and scary is after my ass.

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