Pencil Toppers


trollsI am often accused of not liking kids. That’s silly, I like kids. I have children of my own whom I love very much! But, there are indeed a certain group of children whom I don’t care for. You know the type, the ones I like to call “Trolls”.

We are all familiar with the trolls of the world. They are everywhere…Kicking the back of your seat at the movie theatre, laying in the toy aisle of Wal-Mart howling until they get what they want and spitting on the floor of Burger King (yes, I have witnessed all of these first hand).

Where are the parents?? Often, they are the ones barely audible in the background with their request of “Please stop that honey”. We have to get tough and stop debating with kids. I am not suggesting you give your child 2 black eyes and lock him or her in the basement but, sometimes a good swat on the ass is in order. Let’s face it, parenting is tough work. But, it is your job so do it and do it well.

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